DoubleThink: Course Outline

Choosing Doublethink as your English pro- gramme for Level 3 means that, you proba- bly find the darker, more dystopian aspects of world literature attractive; you’re some- how inexorably drawn to the unusual and deep down you sense that something is rot- ten in the state of… This programme will take a media-savvy journalistic approach. You’ll need to think fast, question every- thing and be willing to speak up. You will be asked to challenge yourself, take risks and show ambition.

The Grammar of Satire – School, by Thabit Choudhury

School. It’s an amazing thing. There’s nothing a 15-year-old boy loves more than getting up at 6:30, eager to educate himself.

The Grammar of Satire – Advice to Youth

This language project forms an investigation into the underlying grammar of satirical writing. We’ll be exploring satirical work covering three centuries of social criticism and the project will culminate in your writing of your own

What is Satire?

Some examples of political and social satire to get the conversation started

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